420 Buzzkill

420 Buzzkill
Photo: Daisy Pedraza

24-year old Daisy Pedraza was pulled over on 04/20/2020 near Ashland and Fruit Avenue.

Daisy’s drugs

When Fresno County Sheriff deputies ran her license, they discovered she had a bench warrant and that her license was suspended for driving under the influence.

In her car, deputies found Pedraza’s 420 party favors: LSD (acid), ecstasy pills, psychedelic mushrooms, and marijuana.

Deputies believe the drugs were  packaged for sale and Pedraza confirmed they were for celebrating 420.

Pedraza was arrested for drug possession and the bench warrant. She was booked at the Fresno County Jail and released after posting bond a few hours later.

Photos from FCSO

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