She was spending too much time on the phone, domestic violence ensued

She was spending too much time on the phone, domestic violence ensued
Photo: Jaren Nunnemaker

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Reports A domestic violence battery incident arose after he though she spent too much time on the phone, and tried to solve that problem –

“On 04-02-2020, at about 10:41 PM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, California.

Howard Memorial Hospital staff per law called to report a patient who was involved in a domestic violence incident.

When the Deputies arrived they contacted an adult female sitting in a hospital bed holding a bag of frozen peas on the right side of her face.

When she removed the bag of peas, Deputies noticed the right side of her face from the cheek area to her nose was red in color and swollen. She also had purple bruising and swelling around her right eye and her nose was slightly curved to the left.

Deputies learned the adult female and Jaren Nunnemaker got into argument when he became agitated about her spending too much time on the phone.

The adult female ended the phone call she was on at which point Nunnemaker grabbed her phone and walked out the living room onto the second story balcony. The adult female followed Nunnemaker onto the balcony attempting to get her phone back.

As she attempted to get her phone back, she caused a small scratch to his face. The adult female was not sure what happened next but remembered that her vision went blurry.

Deputies received information that suggested Nunnemaker head butted her in the face which caused her to seek treatment at the hospital.

Deputies responded to the couple’s residence located in the 3800 block of Canyon Road in Willits where they contacted Nunnemaker.

The Deputies discovered the couple have been in a romantic dating relationship for about nine years and have a child together.

Deputies learned the couple had been drinking alcoholic beverages during the incident but that neither were intoxicated.

Deputies confirmed information obtained at the hospital that Nunnemaker was upset with the adult female because she was spending so much time on the phone.

Deputies further learned, Nunnemaker took the phone from the adult female and she attempted to get it back scratching him in the face causing a minor scratch.

Nunnemaker then head-butted her resulting in her leaving the residence.

Nunnemaker was arrested for Domestic Violence Battery (273.5 PC) and subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.”


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