Shell Station Wye Road Shooting Suspect Slapped with an Array of Charges

Shell Station Wye Road Shooting Suspect Slapped with an Array of Charges
Photo: scene of the shooting

BISHOP – Police Department Officers contacted Brandee Trujillo from Bakersfield at around 3PM on January 14th, who’d fled from the 1290 North Main Street Shell gas station shooting scene on the evening of 01/06/2020. An anonymous adult male was lying in the parking lot, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and unable to speak.

First, Bishop PD Dispatch had relayed 911 calls of the shooting with multiple victims. Medics attempted to save the victim’s life, to no avail. A nearby handgun was recovered.

Witnesses described the now-deceased man’s original arrival in a vehicle with a female driver. The woman had fled immediately after the shooting.

“BPD radioed the suspect vehicle description and likely direction of travel requesting all law enforcement officers in Mono and Inyo Counties to begin a search. The suspect vehicle was found crashed and unoccupied just off of Jean Blanc Rd.,” said Bishop PD.

“This began hours of searching on foot by our multi-agency tactical team and other law enforcement officers,” said BPD. “A CHP helicopter assisted along with the K9 unit from Ridgecrest PD. Our local K9 unit was out of town.”

The female began yelling for help from her hiding spot in the 19-degree cold, around midnight. Without incident, she was taken into custody and provided a medical clearance for transport to BPD.

Investigation showed the decedent attempting to rob a local resident shortly after he parked and exited his vehicle at the Shell. Said BPD, ” It is likely the decedent had been looking to target someone in the parking lot. The decedent shot the victim more than once. The victim, who had a concealed carry permit and was armed, returned fire. He then managed to enter his vehicle and move to a better location. The victim received serious wounds but was able to provide BPD with good details.”

Brandee Trujillo of Bakersfield was subsequently arrested on an out-of-state fugitive warrant related to drug trafficking. BPD’s updated charges are:
664/187 PC: Attempted murder
664/211 PC: Attempted robbery
664/215 PC: Attempted carjacking
182 PC: Conspiracy
29800 PC: Felon in possession of a firearm
135 PC: Destroy or conceal evidence

Investigators are awaiting legal analysis for a possible determination of California’s felony murder rule, as Trujillo’s criminal behavior resulted in death. BPD believes that the autopsy will provide positive ID and “quite telling” information.

The ongoing investigation involved many BPD hours processing not only the shooting scene, but the victim’s and suspect’s vehicles – assisted by Inyo County’s CSI. “This too was a long, meticulous process unlike what is often represented on television or in the movies,” asserted BPD. “Over one-hundred pieces of evidence were collected, some of it enhancing and broadening our investigation. Many pieces of evidence will be sent to the California Department of Justice laboratory for further analysis, which can take many months.”

The local victim is recovering and optimistic, however BPD feels it prudent to keep all information confidential or his protection and the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

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