Couple Arrested for Deadly Dog Attack

Couple Arrested for Deadly Dog Attack
Photo: Heather Anglin and Aaron Daniels

The body of 38-year old Lasaro Macedo was found on Monday, November 11th in a riverbed near Elm and Yosemite in Madera.

His body had visible puncture wounds on his legs, arms, neck and face. An autopsy confirmed Macedo had been attacked by dogs and died from injuries sustained during the attack.

Macedo was a homeless man who camped near the riverbed with other homeless people, including the owners of the dogs, 34-year old Heather Anglin and her partner 40-year old Aaron Daniels . Witnesses reported they knew the dogs to be extremely protective of Heather and her campsite. Witnesses were aware the dogs had bitten people before.

Detectives launched an investigation to find out if Anglin and Daniels were aware the dogs were vicious.

It is believed Macedo knew the couple and was mauled when he approached their tent. Detectives determined Anglin and Daniels neglected to secure their dogs. After reviewing the evidence the Madera County District Attorney’s Office issued arrest warrants for them.

Anglin was arrested on December 19, 2019 for owner negligence: animal cause human death and involuntary manslaughter. Her probation is also being revoked. Her bail is set at $200,000.

Daniels was arrested on December 20, 2019 for possession of a controlled substance, violating is community supervision, and involuntary manslaughter. His bail is set at $150,000. The pair remain at the Madera County Jail as of the time of this writing.

Photos from City of Madera Police Department

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