A busy 5 days for Placer County law enforcement

A busy 5 days for Placer County law enforcement
Photo: Carlos Felipe

PLACER – The Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced multiple recent arrests within their jurisdiction.

First, on September 8th, an officer with the Lincoln Police Department spotted several people who appeared to be cutting a cable/lock that was in place to keep vehicles and people from entering a private property near East 9th Street and Liberty Lane.

One of the group, 21-year-old Carlos Felipe, had a felony warrant out for domestic violence, false imprisonment and resisting. Felipe resisted this attempt to apprehend him as well, even after being handcuffed. He had methamphetamine and cocaine in his possession.

Felipe was arrested for resisting an officer, possession of meth and cocaine, and his warrant.

Jerry Lester

On September 11th a man was prowling at the Rio Bravo Power Plant, around mailboxes and a locked gate. The deputy arrived saw that the man had left in his car, but a witness’s description helped him spot it and stop it shortly thereafter.

50-year-old Jerry Lester argued with the deputy and drove off, this time going up to 115  m.p.h. as he fled. Finally, “eventually pulled over in Pleasant Grove and was arrested.”

Lester was booked and charged with felony evading and committing an offense while out on bail.

Wen Jie Huang

The next day, September 12th, the Roseville Police Department served a search warrant on a residence in the 400 block of Southampton Street. They were looking for someone who had  “sent threatening messages to neighbors.”

50-year-old Wen Jie Huang was arrested for making criminal threats. The RPD says, “An investigation started when Huang sent threatening text messages to a neighbor claiming to harm anyone who entered his front yard. Included in the threatening text messages was a photograph of a Glock handgun with gun magazines and bullets.”

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