Teens drug parents to get online

ROCKLIN – Two teenage girls were arrested this week for drugging one girl’s parents with sleeping medicine.

On Monday, December 28th, according to a Rocklin Police press release, a 15-year-old girl laced her parents’ milkshakes with her 16-year-old friend’s prescription sleeping medicine. The parents each only drank about a quarter of their shakes, and reportedly thought that they had an odd taste. However, within an hour of consuming the drugged beverages, both parents were asleep, and stayed knocked out until the following morning, and woke not remembering what had occurred.

They eventually put two and two together, and, according to Lieutenant Ron Milka of the Rocklin PD, they reported the incident to the police, and brought the girls into the station where they were arrested on charges under penal code 182 – Conspiracy and 347(A) – Willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.

According the the release, investigators concluded that the girl felt her parents were being “too strict” in restricting her access to wireless internet after 10PM. After drugging them, she and her friend had free reign to surf the net while her parents were out cold.  Because they were both minors, their names and ages we not released by police. They were both booked into Placer County Juvenile Hall on New Year’s Eve.

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