Video Recording Leads to Fast Arrest of Suspected Bicycle Thief

Video Recording Leads to Fast Arrest of Suspected Bicycle Thief
Photo: recovered bicycle

DANVILLE — While nuisance criminals like bicycle thieves are ordinarily not high priorities, technology continues to improve law enforcement capabilities. Such is the case with a video recording leading to the fast arrest of a suspected bicycle thief last week.

More crimes are solved with help from businesses and residents sharing access to videos from security cameras. Many police agencies set up programs for voluntary registration of security cameras.

Police chief Allan Shields said in a prepared statement. “The Danville Police Department encourages businesses and residential owners to install cameras to monitor their property. The intent is that cameras can assist law enforcement in solving crimes.”

A bike left unlocked and unattended on the 400 block of San Ramon Valley Road was stolen on August 7th. Police subsequently reviewed video recorded by a security camera outside a restaurant that showed a man stealing it.

The video helped police quickly identify and arrest the man. He was familiar to law enforcement, because he was previously arrested four times for public intoxication.

Within 24 hours, Lafayette officers working under the auspices of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest. The suspect identified as 49-year-old Mark Linn is a transient who frequents the Danville area, although he was arrested in Lafayette.

Linn remains in custody at the West County Detention Facility. He is charged with committing grand theft. The stolen bicycle was recovered and returned to its rightful owner.

“We are very fortunate to have a great partnership with our community, one that led to the arrest of a thief last week,” said Shields.

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