Wells Fargo officer charged with bank fraud after revealing SSNs to cohorts

Shannon Brewer, an online executive officer working in Concord for Wells Fargo Bank, was indicted by a Grand Jury under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 1349 for knowingly committing bank fraud on June 26, 2010. She is accused of using customer information to obtain large amounts of money, exceeding over $214,458.00, from accounts Brewer and others compromised.  According to Annemarie Conroy, Assistant United States Attorney Law Enforcement Coordinator with the United States Department of Justice, “The Brewer case was set for a bond hearing at 1:30 before Judge Lloyd.”  Brewer is being charged with co-conspirators cashed fraudulent checks, compromised account information at a series of Wells Fargo branches and was to appear in Court March 14, 2013.

While Brewer was working for Wells Fargo Bank, she had become involved with others who had promised her cash for information leading to obtaining money illegally from Wells Fargo account holders.  Brewer was given $700 with the promise of more.  The two individuals requested her to verify Social Security numbers and confidential customer information in order to withdraw funds from Wells Fargo Bank accounts.

A Wells Fargo Branch in Concord

Brewer, through communications via texting, had responded to several requests involving the identification and verification of information that had led to the withdraw of thousands of dollars, seemingly doubling over time, as account information was shared and verified over a matter of days.  The brazen trio, feeling comfortable in their role to defraud customer accounts, and had begun to withdraw stolen funds daily. The indictment alleges that on “August 9, 2010, “J Jones” texted Brewer MBE’s Social Security number, xxx xx 8657, and having verified the information as “good” the accomplice withdrew $9000 from the account in Phoenix, Arizona.”  The fraud continued for several months in which amounts of $10,000, $2000, $6500 and $3100 had been withdrawn from Wells Fargo Bank customer accounts.

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