Stabbing spree ends with 4 deaths, 2 injuries

Stabbing spree ends with 4 deaths, 2 injuries
Photo: 7-Eleven where it ended

GARDEN GROVE – 33-year-old documented gang member Zachary Castaneda, armed with “multiple knives or machetes,” went on a spree of death and robbery on Wednesday August 7th.

His first attack was at 4 p.m. at the apartment complex where he lives. The, Castaneda robbed a bakery, but no one was hurt in that incident.

stabbing spree

The suspect returned to his apartment complex, where he was confronted by the two victims of his previous robbery. They were stabbed in the ensuing altercation. One victim died at the scene and the other victim dies at the hospital.

Around 5:39 a check cashing business reported a robbery. After 6:00 p.m. an insurance agency reported an armed robbery. There a 53-year-old female employee, “stabbed multiple times without provocation,” threw money at Castaneda, who fled. The employee is expected to survive.

Next, a Chevron station was the scene of the next stabbing. A 44-year-old male was pumping gas, as was the suspect, who then stabbed the victim, cutting off his nose, then finished pumping gas and left. This victim is also expected to survive.

At 6:30 officers discovered Castaneda’s car at a 7-Eleven store at 103 South Harbor Boulevard. He killed a security guard inside and came out with the guard’s gun. It was later discovered that he had also killed someone inside a nearby Subway just before the 7-Eleven murder.

Castaneda was arrested as he exited the 7-Eleven. The Orange County District Attorney plans on filing charge on Friday.

At this point there is no known motive for the attacks.


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