He had THIS hidden in his Waistband?

He had THIS hidden in his Waistband?
Photo: Xeryus Davis

SACRAMENTO – At 10:00 pm on February 2 officers with the Sacramento Police Department were patrolling around San Juan Road and Northgate Boulevard.

The officers came upon a car that had its emergency flashers engaged. They ran a license check on the vehicle and discovered that its registration was expired for over a year.


Davis’ gun

Next, the officers pulled the car over as it pulled into the parking lot of a local gas station.  The female driver of the car informed them that she did have a driver’s license.

Conversation with the passenger proved initially confusing.  The man gave his birthday year as 1986, then said it was January 17 of ’92, and that he was 22 years of age.

The passenger was in process of being detained for “falsely identifying himself” when he informed the lawmen that he had a gun.

Sure enough, in his waistband, 29-year-old Xeryus Davis had a .22 caliber Mossberg 715T loaded with 25 live rounds and with a round in the chamber.

While the driver was cited and released for driving with a license, Davis was arrested  and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of an assault weapon and a probation violation.

Arrest video

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