Mobile Crisis Support Team in Rancho Cordova

Mobile Crisis Support Team in Rancho Cordova
Photo: Corey Jackson (l) and Caitlyn Fournier
Originally published as a Sacramento County News article
Sacramento County in partnership with the Rancho Cordova Police Department (RCPD) announces during May is Mental Health Month that a new Mobile Crisis Support Team is now operating in the City of Rancho Cordova.
The Mobile Crisis Support Team, comprised of an RCPD officer trained in Crisis Intervention and a County Licensed Mental Health Clinician, responds to emergency calls to support Rancho Cordova residents experiencing mental health crises. In addition, the team has a County-contracted Peer Navigator that follows up with individuals with potential mental health needs to ensure they are offered support in navigating care systems and linked to appropriate services.
“We are proud to partner with Sacramento County to take a safe, compassionate and effective approach to support our residents with mental illness when they’re in crisis,” said Rancho Cordova City Manager Cyrus Abhar. “As we recognize Mental Health Month, the Mobile Crisis Support Team is one more tool we have to ensure Rancho Cordova is a safe community for everyone.”
Currently, there are six additional Mobile Crisis Support Teams assigned throughout Sacramento County. Launched in April, this seventh new Mobile Crisis Support Team responds to calls in Rancho Cordova, where there is a need for this specialized outreach.
Each Mobile Crisis Support Team responds to an average of 50 to 80 calls a month. In Rancho Cordova, from January 2020 through January 2021, RCPD officers responded to 209 calls involving possible mental health issues and crises.
“Our Mobile Crisis Support Team will help lessen the toll that repeated arrests and encounters with law enforcement have on community members with mental health needs,” said Rancho Cordova Chief of Police Kate Adams. “The collaboration of police services with a licensed mental health specialist aids in deflecting individuals with mental health needs away from the criminal justice system and towards long-term healing.”
The Mobile Crisis Support Team combines law enforcement and behavioral health experience with training to understand the complexities of mental illness. The team responds to calls in Rancho Cordova during peak hours and provides access to mental health services and care, decreasing unnecessary hospitalizations or incarcerations.
“Providing immediate crisis assessment and intervention response to emergency calls is a recipe for successfully avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and supporting individuals with mental health challenges in the community,” said Sacramento County Behavioral Health Director Ryan Quist.
This collaboration for the Mobile Crisis Support Team program between Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services and law enforcement agencies is funded by and through the voter approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act.
Meet the Mobile Crisis Support Team
RCPD Officer Corey Jackson 
RCPD Officer Corey Jackson wanted to be in law enforcement since he was a child. He grew up in Rosemont with a desire to give back to his community, and his sixth grade teacher still has the homework assignment where he wrote he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.
But Officer Jackson’s journey began as a behavioral therapist. He worked at an after-school program for seven to eight years with youth and adults with mental health needs, autism and special needs.
In 2017, Officer Jackson joined the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to continue doing the same job of supporting those with mental health needs but now in a badge and uniform. He worked in corrections with inmates with mental health and psychiatric needs, before coming to RCPD on patrol for the East Division and then dedicated to Rancho Cordova.
While responding to calls, Officer Jackson realized there was a need for mental health services but there was not a Mental Crisis Support Team dedicated to our area. He presented the idea to the leadership, and learned they’d been working on the idea, but were excited by his passion and initiative.
“I wake up every morning wondering how I can make my community better,” said Officer Jackson. “My goal is to put passion behind this program and expand this program. We hear the community’s cries for mental health services, and we are here to help the best we can.”
Fun facts about Officer Jackson:
  • Favorite food? Seafood
  • Favorite TV shows to binge watch? Friends and New Girl
  • Your hero? My mother
  • What inspires you? Waking up and always trying to better myself and the people around me.
  • Favorite hobby? Coaching youth sports
Sacramento County Licensed Mental Health Clinician Caitlyn Fournier
After going through the requirements and successfully passing her licensure exam with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, Caitlyn Fournier became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and has been working in mental health for six years. She earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and started her training at the San Francisco VA Hospital.
Caitlyn did her thesis studying the use of art therapy with formerly incarcerated women, which spurred her interest in forensic psychology. Over the last five years, she ran a program in the Bay Area for mentally ill inmates.
Caitlyn’s career gives her the opportunity to help others find ways to help themselves and be a foundation for individuals who need reality-based support. She was looking for a new opportunity to expand her skills when she learned about the Mobile Crisis Support Team coming to Rancho Cordova. She was inspired by RCPD’s level of excitement about the program and understanding of mental illness as a serious issue.
“I hope I am able to support change in the community and the police department,” said Caitlyn. “My partner and I work great together, and I feel like we’re already able to address some serious needs in the community.”
Fun facts about Caitlyn:
  • What’s your hidden talent? I’m pretty crafty and most of the paintings in my house are my own.
  • Dogs or cats? Cats! My partner knows I’m “THE” cat lady.
  • Favorite food? Donuts
  • What would be your superhero power? Teleportation – I hate traffic.
  • Favorite quote? “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”


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