‘Fictitious Check Activity’ Lands Lady in Jail

‘Fictitious Check Activity’ Lands Lady in Jail
Photo: Lori K. Zimmanck, under arrest and mugshot

SONORA – 55-year-old Lori K. Zimmanck was arrested on January 25th for what the Sonora Police Department called “suspicious check activity.”

Eight days earlier, the manager of the Bank of Stockton reported to police that a woman came into the bank and tried to cash a personal check.  The check, from Bank of America, was written for $3,000.

The woman gave the bank employee her name. Because Zimmanck’s name was “not associated with that account,” she was not given any money, and she left the fictitious check behind.

Zimmanck returned to the same bank the next day and this time she tried, unsuccessfully, to deposit another fictitious check for over $2,000.

Then on the 25th, the investigating officer of the case spotted the suspect at the Crossroads Shopping Center and arrested her.

She faces charges of identity theft, but “additional charges relating to Zimmanck’s activity are also being sought.”

She also has an arrest on November 10, 2018 for grand theft.

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