Illegal Fireworks mishap leads to arrest

Illegal Fireworks mishap leads to arrest
Photo: John Meltzer

SAN JOSE – The San Jose Police Department  issued a strong warning to never play with illegal fireworks after two individuals were injured in an illegal firework mishap on October 21st.  It began as a quiet Sunday afternoon when two friends gathered in a garage to look at some fireworks. Any mishandling of the firework display would surely mean harm if they were not properly handled. Unfortunately, a mishap did occur, leading to the injury and arrest of the injured suspect at 3:09 PM.

San Jose police officers responded to a fire aid call near the 4100 block of Moonflower Court.

According to Sergeant Enrique Garcia, “Two adult male victims were taken to a local hospital. (They suffered) non-life threatening injuries.”

The San Jose PD Bomb Unit also responded to the scene in order to secure and diffuse the dangerous fireworks that were still in place within the garage.

Authorities charged John Meltzer for having a destructive device in his possession under PC 18715(a) PC (Felony).  Both men needed immediate medical attention, but are expected to recover from their injuries.

Anyone with information about the case may contact Sgt. Hartaj Johal with the San Jose Police Department at (408) 277-4161.

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