2nd Degree Murder for Shooter

2nd Degree Murder for Shooter
Photo: Richard Eric Arellanes

Ventura County – A 2nd degree murder charge resulted from a recent incident in Meiner Oaks.  When the Ventura County Sheriff’s 911 Emergency Dispatch Center receives a call reporting “shots fired,” it doesn’t take long for deputies to arrive at the scene.

Such a call occurred in the early evening of September 28th from a location within the community of Meiner’s Oaks, just a mile from the Sheriff’s Ojai Station headquarters. From that point on, cops responded with all due urgency and headed to a residence in the 100 block of North Pueblo Avenue.

According to Ventura County Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Steve Jenkins, responding deputies immediately “discovered a male victim lying on the street suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.”

Therefore the cops promptly summoned Emergency Medical Services. Upon their arrival, qualified personnel “attempted life saving efforts.” The 35-year-old unidentified male victim did not survive his wounds. Responders  “pronounced (the victim) deceased” where he had fallen.

Consequently, with a dead victim as ample evidence, detectives immediately pursued the identity of the suspected shooter.

Within minutes, deputies concluded that 50-year-old Meiners Oaks resident Richard Eric Arellanes had shot the victim. Further investigation indicated that Arellanes and the deceased victim were “involved in a dispute which escalated into the shooting.”

At that point, they took Arellanes into custody and transported him to the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility. Authorities booked him on a charge of 2nd degree murder. He remains in custody with his bail set at $1,000,000.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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