Burglar Had the Keys to Target Homes

Burglar Had the Keys to Target Homes

Ventura County – The date of this report notwithstanding, it’s no April Fool’s prank when those who are entrusted with our security violate it by criminal subterfuge.  From any perpetrator’s perspective, of course, the ability to use that position of trust and possibly go undetected is simply too attractive to ignore.

Such appears to have been the dilemma faced by Michael Glen South, 57, a resident of Thousand Oaks who has been employed as the Director of Security at a number of senior citizen residential homes throughout Ventura County, and who literally had the “keys to the kingdom” on his keyring.  Using those keys, South is alleged to have conducted a number of residential burglaries of those facilities under his direct “care”.

On the weekend of March 30th, according to Ventura County Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Jason Robarts, investigators working out of the Thousand Oaks Police Department received a tip that South was in possession of various items of stolen property belonging to residents at one of South’s workplaces.

Pursuant to that report, a search warrant was served upon South’s residence “which resulted in investigators finding additional victims as well as their property,” Robarts reported, including “guns, jewelry, medication, and other household items.”

With his key access to victims’ homes and the property found in his own residence, investigators had ample probable cause to book South into the Ventura County Jail on multiple charges of felony residential burglary, elder abuse, and possession of stolen property.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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