Angry Man with Switchblade Arrested after Threatening Candidate

Angry Man with Switchblade Arrested after Threatening Candidate
Photo: Farzad V Fazeli

CASTRO VALLEY — An angry man is facing charges for menacing a candidate for Congress during a downtown festival last weekend. Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the suspect following a failed switchblade attack.

The suspect allegedly threatened GOP candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade, which fortunately failed to open. Both men engaged in a brief struggle at a festival booth, where Peters was electioneering on September 9.

This incident occurred during the 46th Annual Castro Fall Festival, and sheriff’s deputies happened to be on duty nearby. An uproar erupted when the suspect aggressively approached the candidate,  according to deputies who investigated.

At first, the suspect began making disparaging remarks about the current state of politics. However, his comments escalated to profanities and finally he threatened the candidate.

The situation boiled over when the suspect threw a cup of coffee at Peters. Next, he allegedly pointed a switchblade directly at the candidate.

Fortunately, the blade got stuck and the switchblade wouldn’t open. The two men struggled briefly, before the angry suspect walked away from the booth.  No injuries resulted.

After searching downtown, deputies located, detained and searched the suspect. In his possession, deputies found a pink-colored switchblade allegedly used to threaten Peters.

Deputies arrested the man identified as 35-year-old Farzad V. Fazeli of Castro Valley. His charges are making criminal threats, exhibiting a deadly weapon, and carrying a switchblade.

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