Sure, I’ll ‘Watch’ Your House

Sure, I’ll ‘Watch’ Your House
Photo: Tyler Watson

LINDSAY – Most likely somewhere in this story the suspect said, “Sure, I’ll watch your house while you’re gone.”


Watson theft

The family at a Lindsay home went out of town for a funeral.  Tyler Watson, a family “friend” from Oregon, came to watch the home and care for the pets.


More of Watson’s Theft

When the family returned, “most of their household items had been stolen, including appliances, tools, computers and televisions.”

They did not see Tyler Watson anywhere nearby. One clue for investigators – a welder from the home turned up at a pawn shop. The shop identified Watson as its seller.


Even more….

Further, Watson “sold many of the items to buyers on a mobile-driven marketplace application.”

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Police recovered any of the items that Watson sold form the buyers and returned them to the victimized family. This move now listed the buyers as additional victims of Watson’s actions.


but wait, there’s more

Watson remains at large. When he is arrested he will be charged with grand theft and burglary.


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