Returning to the Scene of the Crime Gets Burglar Time

Returning to the Scene of the Crime Gets Burglar Time
Photo: Oscar Rodriguez and Ricardo Gomez-Jimenez

TULARE – A family farm set the scene of the crime for a busy weekend there.

On Saturday someone burglarized a storage building on a property near Road 48 and Avenue 236.  Shortly after, deputies arrived at Preet’s Market, the location of 24-year old Oscar Rodriguez.


Gomez-Jimenez in action

Rodriguez, the suspect in the burglary, possessed the stolen property. Police returned the stolen property to the owner and arrested and booked Rodriguez. He is currently at the Bob Wiley Detention Facility in Visalia.

During the investigation, police discovered a second suspect. 33-year old Ricardo Gomez-Jimenez was a wanted man before this burglary, for several outstanding felony warrants.

Monday morning, Gomez-Jimenez lived up to the cliché of returning to the scene of the crime. Around 7:30 AM he attempted to break into a home on the Santos Family property. It is the same property he and Rodriguez burglarized just days before.

This time Gomez-Jimenez attempted to go into the home through a window. However, as soon as he opened the window, the security alarm went off. This alerted the farmer and his two sons to the crime in progress.

The Santos Family chased Gomez-Jimenez on foot until he climbed up a tree. He eventually jumped out of the tree with a screwdriver in hand, at which point the family responded. They struck him, rushed him to the ground and detained him until deputies arrived for the arrest. He is currently in custody at the Tulare County Adult Pre-Trial Facility.

Photos from Tulare County Sheriff’s Office

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