Long Sought-After Tulare County Suspect Arrested In Indio

Long Sought-After Tulare County Suspect Arrested In Indio
Photo: Homero Palomino Ontiveros

Homero Palomino Ontiveros has been a wanted suspect in connection with a string of robberies for almost 2 years. The operation started falling apart last year when one by one the involved individuals were captured leaving Ontiveros and Ulises Medina as the last two suspects wanted for the robberies.

Ontiveros evaded custody until 02/07/2018 when he and 27-year old Justin Guerrero failed to pull off a heist of an armored car.

Shots were fired around 11:30 AM that Wednesday morning on the corner of Highway 111 and Monroe Street in Indio, the location of a Wells Fargo Bank. A Brinks armored truck was parked outside the bank and while a Brinks employee worked on an outside ATM machine, shots were fired at the truck by the suspects.

One of the armored truck employees returned fire before the pair fled the scene. At least five shots were heard.

Ontiveros and Guerrero ditched the green GMC Yukon for a stolen red Cadillac with paper license plates, which they had stashed about half a mile away on Highway 111 and Rubidoux. However, the police continued their chase.

The car chase ended when the suspects crashed into a wall in the back parking lot of the Food 4 Less located on Grapefruit Boulevard in Coachella. Cue the foot chase. The suspects jumped over the wall into the residential area of the Coachella Mobile Home Park on Harrison Street.

Cesar Chavez Elementary School is located just west of the mobile home park and was put on lock down until police dogs located the suspects hiding under a mobile home. As Ontiveros was being handcuffed, a single gunshot was heard from under the trailer where Guerrero was still located.

Guerrero, originally from Delano, was pronounced dead at the scene due to a single gunshot wound to the head. Police could not determine if the shot was intentional or accidental because he was still under the mobile home and their view was obstructed.

With a warrant granting permission to search the trailer under which the suspects were hiding, police recovered ski masks, gloves, and a .357 revolver with a scratched-off serial number.

Regarding the 14 robberies in which Ontiveros was wanted, a total of $250,000 was stolen. They occurred over a 15-month period in Tulare County and Nebraska and while one did involve shots fired, no physical injuries were reported during any of the robberies. Ulises Medina remains as the only suspect still on the run in connection with this case.

32-year-old Ontiveros from Earlimart is being charged with attempted murder and attempted robbery.

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