DUI Driver’s Car “Completely Obliterated”

DUI Driver’s Car “Completely Obliterated”
Photo: “completely obliterated” wreck

SONOMA — The press release states the that car ended up being “completely obliterated.”

The beginning of the end started at 11:20 PM on July 21. A deputy observed an SUV driving 90 MPH, weaving in and out and cutting off other drivers.

The deputy first turned on his lights on Highway 12 near Calistoga Road.


Another view of the wreck

The driver continued on at 100 MPH, despite the officer’s pursuit.

Leudegario Reynaga‘s “next poor decision was to turn off his headlights.” He did this as he continued driving 100 MPH on a winding road lined with trees.

Finally, west of Pythian Road, Reynaga drove off off the road and hit a tree, still going at triple digits.

The press release added that the car “split in half lengthwise and completely obliterated.”

Fire personnel got Reynaga out of his wreck. Surprisingly, he only suffered minor injuries.

Of course, he did not get out of his charges: DUI, evading, and false registration tabs. In addition, he had an outstanding domestic violence warrant from San Mateo County.



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