Did a Ghost Drive the Whip?

Did a Ghost Drive the Whip?
Photo: Jesus Aguirre and his Derringer

FRESNO – Maybe the quartet wanted the officer to think a “ghost drive the whip” occurred.

It was almost midnight on July 23rd when officers of the Southeast Special Response Team pulled over a black SUV heading North on Third near Iowa Avenue for having expired tags. When officers reached the driver’s window they saw four people in the car but no one in the driver’s seat.

After some questioning, officers discovered the driver, 48-year old Carlos Castro, moved over to the front passenger seat.  42-year old Jesus Aguirre  sat in the rear right passenger seat.

When officers opened the door where Aguirre sat, they spotted a “two shot Cobra Enterprise .22 Magnum Derringer pistol” in the door’s pocket. Officers also found two live rounds for the pistol – one under the Aguirre’s seat and another in Aguirre’s hand.

Aguirre and friends had armed themselves due to recently being jumped. However, Aguirre is prohibited from owning and possessing a gun or ammunition because of a previous felony  conviction. He thus found himself booked into Fresno County Jail, charged with weapons related offenses including possession of a concealed firearm.

From January 8th to July 23rd, Southeast Special Response Team has removed 40 firearms from Southeast Fresno Streets. This includes the .22 Cobra Magnum.

In Southeast Fresno, homicide is down 54.5% city wide this year.

Photos from the Fresno Police Department

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