Naked Man Annoying Residents Arrested while Jogging Nude

Naked Man Annoying Residents Arrested while Jogging Nude
Photo: Joseph Ironteeth Angelle

FREMONT— For more than a year a naked man with a distinctive tattoo on his right bicep annoyed residents of several cities. He was finally arrested this week while jogging nude. Now he’s wearing a mandatory orange jumpsuit.

Residents of Fremont, Newark and Pleasanton all reported a naked man approaching them. He sported a tattoo depicting a feather hanging from a ring.

In one instance, a woman looked outside her window and saw a naked man in her backyard—masturbating, waving at her.
Another time, the naked man approached a romantic couple sitting inside a car and attempted to strike up a conversation. They demurred and watched him run away to a Cadillac and then drive away.

In another instance, a naked man approached a woman walking her dog, and she became terrified and ran away.

The suspect continued eluding authorities until a surveillance camera recorded him. Eventually, the Native American design of his tattoo betrayed him.

His tattoo helped detectives from Fremont identify a suspect who works as a mechanic at a car dealership in San Jose. Surveillance teams monitored two locations to catch him.

A short time later, they spotted a naked man jogging along Roberts Avenue near an apartment complex in San Jose.
Fremont detectives surrounded him and called for assistance from San Jose police. The jogger dashed behind some bushes and ignored commands to give himself up.

Police subdued the recalcitrant jogger with a stun gun and arrested him. Several witnesses later positively identified him.

Joseph Ironteeth Angelle, 31 of Stockton, has a bail of $102,500, pending arraignment on July 13. His charges are indecent exposure, soliciting lewd conduct, obstructing a police officer, and burglary.

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