Graduation Tagger Caught in the Act

Graduation Tagger Caught in the Act
Photo: Josiah Collins

LOS BANOS – Police caught a spray-painting tagger in the act during a recent graduation ceremony.

On June 1 the Pacheco High School held their graduation. During the event, someone tampered with various vehicle sin the parking lot.


Collins’ artwork

Police, assigned to work the graduation, noticed that several cars spray-painted with graffiti.

Further investigation led them to 19-year-old Josiah Collins as he painted another car.


more of Collins’ work

Police arrested Collins and discovered that he had vandalized 33 vehicles.

With a $5,000 bail, Collin’s charge is, of course, felony vandalism.

The LBPD thanks the concerned citizen who phoned this incident in.  Also, “Anyone who was victimized during this incident but has not contacted police may call the department at (209) 827-7070.”

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