He Just Had to Have a Cigarette

He Just Had to Have a Cigarette
Photo: under arrest

SONORA – On the evening of June 4 27-year-old Deanon Brewer just had to have a cigarette. Apparently, however, he did not have any money.

He did not approach someone and say, “Hey, can I bum a smoke?” Instead, he entered a business in the 200 block of Mono Way and tried to take them.


Deanon Brewer

SPD received a 911 call about a fight at that business. It happened when an employee took the pilfered cigs away from Brewer, who in turn hit the victim. Brewer stated that “he was going to get a cigarette.”

The suspect left without his smokes, and met arriving officers as he walked away.

His walk became a run, and then a “300 yard foot pursuit.”

Once nabbed, officers charged him with attempted robbery and obstruction of an officer.

Since Brewer is on active parole, he did not have a bail set for him.

One concerned Facebook commenter on the SPD page had an interesting and positive take on this. She said, “say a prayer for him to find his way and to get out of this Vicious circle he’s gotten himself into. Not saying there’s an excuse for his behavior. Just wanting the best for this young man who just became so lost somehow.”

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