“The Deputy Felt the Subjects Looked out of Place”

“The Deputy Felt the Subjects Looked out of Place”
Photo: Annie Walworth

SHASTA – The SCSO’s press release stated that “the deputy felt the subjects looked out of place.” Who were they talking about? On May 22 around 3:00 pm a deputy noticed a Dodge Durango parked at the gate of a residence on Old 44.



As Brandon Woodman stood by the vehicle, Christie Baker walked in the driveway. Russell Harris and Annie Walworth stood on the front porch of the residence.

Stop to Investigate

This is the part of the story where the deputy felt suspicious, and stopped to investigate. Woodman told him they were looking for yard jobs. Harris and Walworth began walking towards the nearby woods, so the deputy detained Woodman and Baker.

Assistance and Arrest

Additional deputies arrived and, with a K-9 and helicopter, officers arrested Walworth and Harris two miles away.



Baker earned a release at the scene, but her three friends face outstanding warrants that earned them an arrest.

The SCSO says, ‘It’s not certain what these subjects intended to do at this home. Be aware of subjects “casing” homes to break into under the guise they are looking for work or other fictitious reasons.”

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