Repeat Offender Accused of Robbing Woman at Gas Station

Repeat Offender Accused of Robbing Woman at Gas Station
Photo: Jermaine Smith

FREMONT — A man on probation for two prior felony convictions, including one for robbery, was arrested again and remains incarcerated. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office wrapped up a prior investigation—and filed new robbery charges against the suspect. The repeat offender faces accusation in yet another robbery.

Fremont police detectives submitted video evidence to the county D.A., which on May 18 charged 21-year-old Pittsburg resident Jermaine M. Smith with committing another robbery earlier this month.


Smith in action

Authorities accuse Smith of committing a strong-armed robbery of a woman at a gas station on the 39000 block of Fremont Boulevard on May 6 at 4:35 p.m.

The suspect violently assaulted the victim, who sustained injuries, in addition to being robbed of her gold necklace, according to the Fremont police.

Fremont detectives identified Smith as a suspect after reviewing video evidence recorded by a surveillance camera at the gas station.

While Fremont police prepared to arrest Smith, Fremont detectives learned that Smith was already in custody inside Santa Rita Jail. Oakland police, working on a different case, arrested Smith on May 10 on suspicion of grand theft.

Smith has been subject to periodic probation since March 2017, and in and out of county jail twice. He was scheduled to be released again in August. Now his release appears in jeopardy because of his two most recent arrests.

If Smith gets convicted again he’ll be eligible for sentencing in state prison.

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