Gang Unit Sweeps Up Post-release Offenders

Gang Unit Sweeps Up Post-release Offenders
Photo: Frank Sapien

Ventura County – The experience of incarceration in one of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s many charming residential facilities scattered throughout the state apparently fails to impress many who have enjoyed that brand of hospitality.


David Naumann

Moreover, the fact that those who have been released from confinement are expected to maintain certain behavioral criteria and to eschew specific social contacts at the risk of additional incarceration isn’t enough of a threat to guarantee compliance with mandated terms of parole or probation.


Rafael Palazuelos

Pursuant to that disappointing reality, the month of April saw the Ventura County Sheriff’s Gang Unit working in close coordination with both CDCR and the Sheriff’s Post-Release Offender Supervision (PROS) personnel in a collaborative effort to enforce those terms.

According to VCSD spokesman Senior Deputy Eman Jauregui, attached to the Sheriff’s Gang Unit, PROS is tasked with the supervision of “individuals who have recently been released from prison” under the authority of the county probation office rather than “state parole.” It was in that effort that the month of April saw no less than 45 arrests, “with more than half being for felony-related crimes.”


Jesse Mora

Those numbers were tallied via “directed enforcement operations throughout the county” which focused upon individuals categorized as “High Risk Parole and Serious Habitual Offenders.”

Those arrested as a result of that enforcement effort included Ventura County residents Omar Romo, 29, Tyler Acosta, 26, Jed Maimquist, 45, David Naumann, 33, Jesse Mora, 27, Rafael Palazuelos, 36, Anna Raya, 32, Mark Anaya, 20, and Frank Sapien, 41, all of whom remain in custody without bail.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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