Fresno Police Department Shuts Down Marijuana Dispensary

Fresno Police Department Shuts Down Marijuana Dispensary
Photo: Six arrested

California Proposition 64 allows for a person 21-years of age or older to grow up to 6 marijuana plants inside their home or in a fully enclosed and secure structure. Marijuana may be legal in California but restrictions still apply.

In Fresno, restrictions extend to dispensaries which are not allowed by local officials. There are about 80 illegal dispensaries in Fresno and more than 40 online delivery services. As of last week, there is one less dispensary.


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Fresno PD concluded a two-month long investigation into a dispensary located on First and Dakota. The dispensary was targeted as the focal point of the investigation because of its possible affiliations with like business.

The dispensary’s extensive inventory of gummy candies was another reason Fresno PD was eager to shut it down. The candies look just like regular candies. Sgt Tim Tietjen stated, “Think about what could have happened here. Take this product, these gummy worms get into a home and some unknowing little girl or boy partakes in that, it could cause death. So this is a big issue for us.”

150 pounds of edibles were seized, including cookies and cookie dough. Other THC infused products such as bath bombs and lotions were also confiscated.

The total sum of the products secured from the dispensary before it was shut down is tagged at $270,000, retail. The steel door which used to be open for customers is now bolted closed and features a small sign stating “We are no longer open after May 1, 2018!!!! Have a nice day.”

The six people arrested for their involvement in operating a dispensary (Victor Rivera, 26; Gabriel Noonkester, 26; Ryan Allen, 31; Justin Brown, 40; Rogelio Gonzalez, 31; and Sara Garcia-Bravo, 20) face misdemeanor charges and up to $500 in fines. More arrests are expected.

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