Surveillance Cameras Lead to Arrest of Peeping Tom Suspect

Surveillance Cameras Lead to Arrest of Peeping Tom Suspect
Photo: Surveillance pic of Jacobo

BERKELEY — A Peeping Tom returned for another look inside a frightened woman’s windows twice this week. Her newly installed surveillance cameras recorded him—enabling police to identify and arrest a suspect on March 14.

The victim first reported seeing the intruder inside her fenced yard, peering inside her bedroom window early on the morning of March 3. The woman told police then that he ran away when she screamed loudly.

Frightened by the incident, the woman decided to install surveillance cameras outside her home on the 1300 block of Delaware Street. Less than two weeks later the middle-aged intruder returned on March 12 at about 6:30 a.m.

The woman phoned the police again to report that the same prowler had come back, and that his image was recorded by her new cameras.

Before the suspect fled from her property for the second time, he apparently discovered one of the cameras inside her yard—and he allegedly stole it in a failed effort to avoid being detected, according to the police.

As it happens, officers were reviewing the evidence recorded by the woman’s cameras on March 12, when she called police to report that someone was prowling in her backyard again on March 14.

Responding officers spotted the suspect emerging from someone else’s yard on nearby Acton Street, where officers recognized him from having just reviewed his images recorded by the woman’s surveillance cameras.

The suspect Pedro S. Jacobo, 55 of Oakland, was detained and arrested at 6:43 a.m. on March 14, and transported to Berkeley Jail, where he’s being held in custody in lieu of $17,500 bond.

Jacobo is charged with disorderly conduct for peeking while loitering at an inhabited building, and petty theft.

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