Girlfriend Allegedly Bludgeons and Stabs her Boyfriend to Death

Girlfriend Allegedly Bludgeons and Stabs her Boyfriend to Death
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DUBLIN — A man was bludgeoned and stabbed to death at his girlfriend’s apartment, and she was arrested on suspicion of murder. Crystal Angelina Espinoza, 23 of Dublin, is being held in custody ineligible for release on bond.

The couple was in a dating relationship that went terribly wrong. Evidently, they had a heated argument that turned violent on the night of May 5. Police and paramedics were dispatched to an apartment complex, a short distance from Dublin Boulevard.

Inside the Dublin Station apartments, 23-year-old Jesus Gallegos, was found mortally wounded and unresponsive. Despite efforts to save him, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Evidence of the crime was recovered from inside the woman’s apartment. A hammer and kitchen knife stained with dried blood were found there. Espinoza was detained as an overnight investigation was conducted. She was placed under arrest at the Dublin Police Services building on May 6 at 2:30 a.m.

Espinoza was finally booked into nearby Alameda County Santa Rita Jail at 6:36 a.m. She is scheduled to appear for her court arraignment May 24 at the East County Hall of Justice.

Felony charges and special allegations including murder were formally filed against Espinoza on May 9. Her other charges allege she is responsible for –

  • Violence or bodily harm
  • Causing great bodily injury
  • Violent conduct of defendant
  • Defendant armed or used a weapon
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