Mentally Ill Man with Weapons Shot by Police

Mentally Ill Man with Weapons Shot by Police

SAN JOSE – The San Jose Police reported an officer-involved shooting that occurred in the late afternoon of January 9 at approximately 5:02 PM.  According to San Jose Police Officer Gina Tepoorten, “San Jose police officers responded to a suspicious vehicle call at Metcalf Energy Center located at 1 Blanchard Road in San Jose.”  San Jose Police located an abandoned black Mercedes not far from the entrance to the Metcalf Energy Center.

Upon further investigation of the vehicle, a long sword was found in the passenger seat.  Employees at the center reported seeing an Asian male in his early 20’s walking around the front gate area with a long pipe and ax.  Fearing for their safety, workers did not approach the suspect and immediately called the police.

As police responded to the area of the business, they saw the suspect with a weapon in each hand. “They immediately gave the suspect verbal commands to drop the pipe and ax,” Tepoorten said. “The suspect did not comply and walked away from the officers.”

Following the suspect, 14-year police veteran Adam Hutson, and 15-year police veteran Timothy Faye continued to order the suspect to drop his weapons.  The suspect was ordered to drop the weapons continuously by the officers. The suspect yelled at officers to “shoot me and kill me,” as he refused to drop a long pipe and ax he carried with him throughout the outer perimeter of the facility.

After several minutes of walking through the outer area of the facility, the suspect began to turn on the officers. “When the suspect was approximately 5 to 6 feet away from one of the officers, one officer shot at the suspect,” Tepoorten said. “The suspect continued toward a second officer with the ax and pole still in his hands and a second officer also shot at the suspect.”

SJPD Officers Hutson and Faye tried to help the suspect after shooting him, but he later succumbed to his injuries after medical services arrived at the scene to help aid in treating his wounds. The suspect had also reportedly carried with him an additional ax, 6 throwing knives, and pepper spray.

A further background check of the suspect revealed that he had left a mental health facility in September of 2017, along with a long list charges for resisting arrest, narcotics, and weapons violations.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Raul Martinez or Detective Brian Meeker of the San Jose Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 408-277-5283.

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