Woman in court for violent assault in San Jose

Woman in court for violent assault in San Jose

With a growing concern about domestic violence cases, other similar type assault cases can be just as dangerous. The San Jose Police Department reported that on Tuesday, February 3, 24-year-old Cassandra Dawn Hallingquist was arrested for PC 245, assault with a deadly weapon, and for PC 594(a)/ (b)(2)(A), vandalism for less than $400 dollars.

Hallingquist appeared before the Honorable Daniel Nishigaya at 8:30 AM in Dept 38 and is expected to be sentenced to more than 6 months for the attack at a later date, and is currently released on bail.

On February 3 the suspect entered a house in San Jose and began attacking a male resident. He was in his room when the woman knocked on the bedroom door. Once he opened the door, Hallingquist lunged at the male tenant and cut his cheek with a large shard of glass. The man, trying to run away from the attack, was then hit in the back of the head with what he thought was a small pocket knife. After he was able to leave the room, Hallingquist slammed the door and locked it. Once alone, Hallingquist began to break the two windows located on the back wall of the room.

After the frightening attack, the male victim was able to call police to help stop the female suspect from continuing her attack. San Jose Police dispatched officers to the residence, located at the 500 block of North 3rd Street in San Jose. SJPD Officers, with the help of the landlord, were able to open the locked bedroom door and locate the female suspect, who had her hands underneath a television stand while lying on her side of the bedroom floor.

Cassandra Hallingquist - image from Facebook

Cassandra Hallingquist – image from Facebook

The responding officer told Hallingquist to show him her hands. Hallingquist refused to remove both hands, but placed her right hand in view of the officer. He then stepped forward, visually verifying whether the suspect might be holding the piece of glass used in the assault with her left hand. When it was clear that she was no longer holding the glass shard, she was helped up from the floor, handcuffed and then taken into custody.

According to the male victim, he did not know who Cassandra Hallingquist was, and had no idea why she had come into the house to attack him in his room. When the arresting officer began to read her Miranda rights, she blurted out, “I was jumped. All I did was defend myself for the first time in my life. I haven’t done anything wrong but love a man who didn’t love me. I’m not guilty.”

During the suspect’s booking, while being transported from the port area of the main jail, officers tried to calm the agitated Hallingquist. However, she said, “I am not sorry this time. All I wanted was my cell phone and purse”. Hallingquist told the arresting officer that her boyfriend was a pimp and that the four unknown acquaintances were sexually assaulting her. She stated that four persons had sexually assaulted her, and were selling drugs from the home when an unknown male suspect said, “You know what to do.”

Hallingquist said that she had a ringing in her ears and felt like she may have been unconscious at one time. A visible cut was under her right eye. A medical hold was placed on her until she was able to be released into police custody and booked for the assault and vandalism during her drug fueled attack.

Records show that a year prior, on February 15, 2014, Hallingquist had been arrested at her San Jose home for possession and being under the influence of a controlled substance. The arrest was made by San Jose Police at 12:31 am early that Saturday morning.

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