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Santa Clara

Running into an old “friend” may make things too dangerous to shop

An assault at the Dollar Tree led to the arrest of a San Jose woman With Black Friday just around the corner, you can anticipate fights to break out, and even

Santa Clara

Gang ties caused rift between San Jose classmates

The nearly fatal stabbing occurred outside the Mini Market in this Ocala Avenue shopping center A bail hearing was held in Dept 23 on Wednesday, October 28, in which 24-year-old Michael

Santa Clara

Two small children stabbed by mother survive

Often the public is left with the question of how a mother could try to kill her own child. Isn’t there someone at home that could have stopped this from

Santa Clara

Unwanted advances by ex-lover turns into domestic abuse arrest

37-year-old Jose Monroy Eduardo Garcia was arrested on the night of Tuesday, August 4, for PC 422, threats to willingly commit a crime resulting in death or great injury. Garcia

Santa Clara

Suspect arrested for attacking prostitutes in downtown San Jose

A San Jose man faces charges that he kidnapped and violently attacked at least two women with a knife in one night. 26-year-old Edwin Muncada is accused of picking up women

San Mateo Santa Clara

San Jose Police book suspect into the Santa Clara County Jail for Involuntary Manslaughter

SAN JOSE –  On Friday, June 5 at approximately 5:45 p.m., suspect Jose Bonilla Rodas, 28, was arrested without incident in the city of South San Francisco by the San

Santa Clara

Woman in court for violent assault in San Jose

With a growing concern about domestic violence cases, other similar type assault cases can be just as dangerous. The San Jose Police Department reported that on Tuesday, February 3, 24-year-old

Santa Clara

Serial assault suspect wanted by the San Jose Police

The San Jose Police Department is warning residents that a serial assault suspect is on loose. With two attacks in recent weeks, the police are increasingly worried of another potential

Santa Clara

Wanted suspect clears two rooftops and two fences before being arrested by police

SAN JOSE – 21-year-old Hispanic male suspect Eliseo Montoya Martinez was arrested on Wednesday, April 1, for violating PC 69, resisting or obstructing an officer;  243 (B), battery on a peace

Santa Clara

Robbery suspects severely beat store clerk over $30.00

19-year-old Javan Mardian Kian and 18-year-old Shane Bradford Bissell on Nov 19, 2014 have been charged with PC 245(a)(1) Assault with a deadly weapon (using an airsoft gun), and PC