New charges added to robbery spree suspect

A man faces new charges this week for attempted homicide in the Jan 19th attack of a man during five day robbery spree in the City of San Jose.

Miguel Marez

19-year-old Miguel Marez, 18-year old Ezra Santana, and 18-year-old James Palmerson are also being charged with kidnapping, a home invasion robbery, and multiple armed robberies.  Together they had assaulted and robbed several female victims during Jan 19 – 20.  Their crimes had escalated with the attempted kidnapping and home invasion robbery in the Alameda area of San Jose on January 24th.

On January 19th in an attempt to commit a robbery under PC 211-212.5(c) Marez, Santana and Palmerson of San Jose are also accused of the crime of PC 664/187 – attempted homicide – when Marez is tried to kill German Rodriquez.  During a robbery attempt, Marez had used a knife to intimidate Rodriguez  (PC 12022.7(a) and 1203(e)(3)).  At the time of the assault it is believed that the men attempted to force Rodriquez to give them his wallet.  Marez then began to assault the victim with a knife.  Rodriquez received a severe laceration to his neck and lower back due to the assault and armed robbery.

Buchanan's Nightclub, the scene of the assault and robbery

The assault began in the back of the business located at 4104 Monterey Road in San Jose. Officers responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call, when they had found Rodriquez near the front entrance of the nightclub Buchanan.  He had been stabbed multiple times in the right side of his chest.  Officers photographed the scene and trail of blood leading from the victim as he walked around the business towards the front from where he had been stabbed.  Rodriguez had explained that he was stabbed and two people had taken his wallet.  Rodriquez was transported to the Regional Medical Center where he was treated for a two stab wounds to the right side of his chest and three other wounds to the lower left side of his back that appeared to be a inch to one and half inch lacerations.

The victim stated that the two male suspects had told him in English “I’m going to stab you.”  Then he heard the suspects say, “Give me your wallet.”  He didn’t have time to react and was jumped by the two individuals who took his wallet.  He felt himself being punched and kicked and was unable to defend himself.  Once he was able to support himself he walked to the front of Buchanan’s Night Club where he asked people to call the police for him.

Sgt. Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department said, “These men were responsible for a home invasion robbery that occurred on the 24th of January.”  Dwyer said, “The same individuals are also suspected in a string of violent robberies in the days leading up to the attack.”

The elderly couple that was attacked had both vehicles stolen from their garage by the suspects.  According to the Press release by the San Jose Police Departments website, “Within 24 hours, both victim vehicles were recovered.”  The SJPD press release states, “The California Highway Patrol was involved in a high-speed pursuit with the Camry on Highway 152 which exceeded 100 miles per hour.”  The chase had ended with the CHP officer blowing a tire in the pursuit.

After several robberies, the suspects, wanting to find someone with more money, began to drive around until they had decided on a home invasion robbery, and they found a home in the Almaden neighborhood.  They asked the residents to give them are their money and anything of value.  According to a police report provided by the San Jose Police Department, the suspect Marez said, “They just wanted to grab what was valuable and then leave.”  Other robberies occurred at a Taco Stand at Story Road and Knox Road in San Jose, with another robbery reporting the same description of the individuals Marez, Palmerson, and Santana robbing a taco truck. They were unsuccessful and had only taken a few dollars from a tip jar, but that is when things began to escalate.

The three suspects then entered a Wienerschnitzel on Story Road and McGuiness Road.  Marez and Palmerson told everyone to get down on the floor.  One female victim was suspected of holding the cash ran off.  In retaliation, during the robbery Marez hit the woman with a wooden stick. According to the report, “He was sure he had hit her pretty hard.”

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