Residents Nix Cannabis Robbery, Man with Assault Rifle Arrested

Residents Nix Cannabis Robbery, Man with Assault Rifle Arrested

Seized AR-15 on display (SRPD)

SAN RAFAEL – Two intruders with an illegal AR-15 assault rifle burst into an apartment located above a store on the 800 block of B Street last Wednesday, and attempted to steal cannabis from three occupants who fought back.

One resident jumped on the armed suspect, Bertrell G. Lewis, 41 of Fremont, and ripped the rifle away, while the other two residents piled on top pinning Lewis to the floor, police said.

One of the victims called 911 to report what just happened, and officers responded within a few minutes.

When officers arrived on the scene, Lewis who stands 6-foot tall and weighs 230 pounds was being held down by one individual, while the other two residents were keeping a close watch.

The victims told police that Lewis pointed the assault rifle at them, and that the intruders intended to rob their marijuana.
San Rafael police arrested Lewis on August 16 at 10:24 p.m. The other suspect fled before police arrived and remains at large, but police know the other person’s identity.

Lewis is being held at Marin County Jail for $350,000 bond, charged with attempted robbery, burglary, possession of an assault weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime and the manufacture, sale or possession of a large capacity magazine. Lewis was scheduled to appear in court on August 24.

Police recovered an AR-15 rifle and a high-capacity magazine as evidence, though it turns out the magazine contained no ammunition.

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