‘Operation Green Hand’ Yields 88 Arrests

‘Operation Green Hand’ Yields 88 Arrests

SBSD displays confiscated items

SAN BERNARDINO — Four months ago, a coordinated investigation began into the Westside Verdugo gang operating in San Bernardino County.

Numerous law enforcement agencies worked together to plan and execute this endeavor.

The various types of crime the group is alleged to have engaged in include murder, gun trafficking, major assaults, the sale of illegal drugs, and human trafficking.

SBSD press release

The two-fold goal was to identify gang members and disrupt their illegal activity.

As a result of “Operation Green Hand,” police made 88 arrests and seized 43 firearms.  They also seized 22 pounds of cocaine, 5 pounds of black tar heroin, 402 pounds of marijuana, and 112 pounds of methamphetamine.

4 stolen vehicles were also seized, as well as $29,600 in US currency.

The SBSD also mentions that “investigators identified the Westside Verdugo hierarchy who are controlling the criminal activity within the California State Prisons,” in addition to “other beneficial intelligence gained during this investigation.”


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