Eight Busted in Probation Sweep

Eight Busted in Probation Sweep

VENTURA COUNTY — Once convicted of a crime, having been sentenced by a judge and served one’s sentence, a release from custody in no way qualifies as “freedom.” The fact is, that the terms of release upon parole or probation can vary, requiring the individual to report to a supervising authority to assure maintenance of a crime-free lifestyle, as well as to avoid any number of personal associations or contact with things like controlled substances, weapons, alcohol, or other parolees.

Not until this period of post-release conduct has been successfully completed is one entitled to Constitutional provisions against search, seizure, and arrest.

This protocol is occasionally brought into public view when law enforcement agencies conduct “probation sweeps,” wherein compliance to an individual’s terms of release is verified. Failure to be in accord with the terms of one’s probation or parole generally results in an immediate arrest.

On May 26th, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, operating out of the Ojai Valley Station, conducted its periodic in-person examination of a number of probationers and parolees residing within its jurisdiction.

According to VCSD spokesman Capt. James Fryhoff, four deputies were deployed “into the field for the purpose of conducting probation/parole sweeps,” as part of their ongoing focus upon and zero-tolerance approach to known “drug users and thieves.”

At 8:00 a.m., “deputies began knocking on doors” of three area residences, and pursuant to unannounced searches and interviews, arrested eight suspects on charges of being under the influence of controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotics, and parole violation.

All those arrested are Oak View residents: John Morgan, Aiden Moore, Monica Otto, Michael Farmer, Dylan Merry, Jasmine Wolpe, Teressa Kennedy, and Vincent DeAlba, ages unreported.

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