Embezzler Turned in by Fellow Employees

Embezzler Turned in by Fellow Employees
Photo: Mandi Neece

Ventura County – Based upon the evidence supporting her December 21st arrest, 29-year-old Mandi Neece, a resident of Camarillo, just might have a “spending problem.”

Neece, who was employed by what Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Detective Steve Krupnik described to the media as “a small nonprofit company” operating out of the City of Camarillo, was the subject of an investigation that began in October 2018.

It was at that time that a number of Neece’s co-workers became suspicious of her activities in her capacity as a “volunteer accountant” at the company. On October 19th they reported their suspicions to the VCSD Camarillo Investigations Bureau. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that Neece had been writing checks with herself named as payee. Those checks “were then deposited into her personal bank account.”

Neece was apparently not sophisticated enough in the ways and means of legitimate accounting and bookkeeping to cover her tracks. According to Krupnik, she “left the company with a negative balance in their bank account,” which immediately had others in the organization scratching their heads and looking around for the missing funds.

Detectives ultimately discovered Neece has spent approximately $63,000 on things like “airline tickets, concert tickets, Dodger game tickets, and hotel stays.”

Detectives contacted Neece on December 21st and took her into custody. She was transported to Ventura County Jail, where she was booked on multiple charges of grand theft, with her bail set at $10,000.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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