Attack with Guitar Charged as Hate Crime

Attack with Guitar Charged as Hate Crime

Daniel Joseph Garcia

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Being in jail, where every day might be considered “a bad day” is one thing. Being arrested while still in jail simply makes it “a worse day” than one might reasonably anticipate.

But that’s exactly what happened to 19-year-old Isla Vista resident Daniel Joseph Garcia. While sitting in the Monterey County Jail on DUI charges, Garcia was the subject of an ongoing investigation by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department detectives into the circumstances surrounding a violent incident reported to have taken place on April 15th at the Arroyo Quemada area adjacent to world-famed tourist destination Refugio State Beach.

According to SBSD Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, it was on that date that a 63-year-old male Santa Paula resident was physically attacked “with a guitar” during which the assailant “shouted a homophobic slur.” Pursuant to that battery, the victim “suffered a traumatic injury requiring medical treatment.”

In the ensuing two weeks, deputies investigating the incident determined that Garcia had some involvement and executed a search warrant upon his Isla Vista apartment.

When Garcia was found absent from the premises and otherwise unavailable for questioning, an arrest warrant was issued, whereupon it was discovered that he was in custody pursuant to an arrest by the California Highway Patrol on “unrelated assault with a deadly weapon” and DUI charges incurred just hours after the alleged attack at Refugio Beach.

According to Hoover, “Garcia will be transported to Santa Barbara County to face charges” once his Monterey County charges are adjudicated.

Photo: Courtesy Monterey County Jail Booking

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