Attempted Murder Incident in Bodfish

Attempted Murder Incident in Bodfish

Looking down Rocky Road in Bodfish (Google Maps)

BODFISH — On Friday afternoon, the 100 block of Rocky Road was the scene of a police response to an “unknown situation” call.

64-year-old Kirk Allison was attempting to assault his neighbor and also was attempting to burn his neighbor’s house down.

Various law enforcement personnel arrived, including a K-9.  Allison then aggressively advanced toward them with a knife in hand.

He stopped, but threw the knife and a saw blade at officers.  He now was no longer armed, and an officer then released the K-9 to assist in the arrest.

Allison assaulted the K-9 and attempted to strangle it, but other officers were then successful in arresting him.  He stopped by the hospital on his way to jail.

Charges include attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, assaulting a K-9, criminal threats, and felony vandalism.  Bail is set at $767,500.

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