Police Find Gun during Probation Search

Police Find Gun during Probation Search

Stephvon Blackmon

FRESNO — Officers conducted a probation search at 2194 S. Plumas on Wednesday, related to an ongoing investigation concerning drugs and guns.

As they entered the residence, an individual quickly entered a bathroom.  When he emerged, 19-year-old Stephvon Blackmon faced a search warrant.

Confiscated gun, clips, shells

During the search, police located a .38 caliber revolver in Blackmon’s room.  They also found other firearm magazines, ammunition and scales in the house.

Blackmon was on restriction from possessing firearms and was arrested for the felony.

“The Fresno Police Department has initiated the felon with a gun program that offers a $500 dollar reward for information that leads to firearm related arrests. Anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers at (559)-498-(STOP) with information. Your information is kept confidential.”


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