Serial Arsonist Finally Arrested

Serial Arsonist Finally Arrested

Eun “Esther” Cha

FULLERTON – For the past six months, there have been 26 fires in Fullerton that have been considered suspicious.  In fact, 14 of these fires occurred in the 1200 block of North Gilbert Street.

arson site

Investigators have been conducting surveillance in an attempt to solve and stop these fires.

Then, on Sunday February 19, FPD officers on surveillance spotted 24-year-old Eun “Esther” Cha attempt to start two different fires on the same block of Gilbert Street.

another arson site

The first fire was at a trash dumpster and the second fire was at some bushes under an electrical panel that was connected to an apartment complex.  Both fires did not develop.

Cha was arrested for arson. She had drugs and paraphernalia on her person.  She also admitted to setting other fires in the area.

Cha is being held on $1 million bail.

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