Possible Sex Abuse of 16-year-old Averted

Possible Sex Abuse of 16-year-old Averted

Van Nechvatal

FRESNO — 74-year-old Van Nechvatal was arrested on Tuesday for solicitation of a minor for sex acts.

A mother had alerted police two weeks ago that a man known to her had subjected her 16-year-old daughter to inappropriate sexual behavior.

The ICAC Task Force (Internet Crimes Against Children) began an investigation.  After interviewing the girl, they enlisted her to connect to Nechvatal via phone.  He agreed to meet her for the purpose of performing sexual acts.

When the suspect arrived at the agreed-upon location, detectives met him and took him into custody. He has since posted bond and been released.

“The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public to be vigilant when it comes to potential predators taking advantage of children. Parents should monitor their children’s internet usage and be aware of the software apps and social media sites they are using. Online predators often pretend to be someone else in order to lure their victims in and take advantage of them. Teach children to be wary of the person on the other end of the chat line; many times people are not who they say they are.”


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