Juvenile Suspect Caught with Weapons, Stolen Property

Juvenile Suspect Caught with Weapons, Stolen Property

FRESNO — On November 25th at around 10:30 AM, a woman in the 2800 block of East Pico Avenue noticed suspicious activity at her neighbor’s residence — a duffel bag full of property sitting right below a wide-open window. Knowing that her neighbor was away from home, she contacted police.

As officers began to arrive, another neighbor alerted one officer to a suspicious person walking away from the residence in question carrying a pickle jar full of coins.

A K9 officer and contract officer working at Fashion Fair in Cary Park detained the 17-year-old suspect as he passed through. They conducted a pat-down and found two handguns in his waistband — a .45 semi-automatic and a .357 magnum which he’d stolen from the home. The jar of coins were also determined to belong to the victims, as well as the gift cards, ammunition, cell phone, prescription meds, and a driver’s license.

All items were photographed and returned.

An investigation determined that the suspect had broken out a window on the west side of the home to gain entry, after which he ransacked the place searching for valuable items. The duffel bag below the window was filled with ammunition and he’d also placed four long rifles in the garage near the side door in hopes of returning for them later.

The suspect was arrested for residential burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of controlled narcotics, weapons and ammunition charges, and outstanding warrants. He was taken to CRMC for treatment after claiming to be suffering from ill effects related to narcotics, then booked at juvenile hall.

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