The Early, Thieving, Bird Goes to Jail

The Early, Thieving, Bird Goes to Jail
Photo: Capone Batten

FRESNO – 18-year old Capone Batten got an early start the morning of July 30th.  At 8 a.m. he broke into an apartment at 4966 North Backer in Fresno.

Officers received reports detailing the suspect’s description. Upon arriving at the apartments officers spotted Batten on the premises and he attempted to get away.

The short lived foot race ended with Batten soon detained.

In addition to on-scene evidence connecting Batten to the break-in, he confessed to the crime. Batten also fit the description of a residential robbery at 4600 East Alamos. This is not far from the Backer address which occurred on July 24th.

A follow up investigation by detectives of the Street Violence Bureau Robbery confirmed Batten’s involvement in the Alamos robbery.

He also confessed and reported he had a juvenile accomplice during that robbery. Investigators found further evidence of Batten’s violations at his residence once they carried out a search warrant.

Batten faces burglary charges. His juvenile accomplice, who was already in custody after being arrested on an unrelated weapons charge on July 29th, now also faces the charges for the July 24th robbery.

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