Special-ops unit catches two wanted suspects in Salinas

Special-ops unit catches two wanted suspects in Salinas

SALINAS — The recently-renewed Violence Suppression United (VSU) of the Salinas Police Department has announced the arrest of two suspects on warrants and weapons possession violations.

Two VSU officers observed a wanted parolee, who was also a known gang member in Salinas, as he exited a vehicle in a North Salinas neighborhood. Another person of interest happened to be in his company as he attempted to enter a locked residence.

The two then left and the officers followed, at which point the suspects bolted. One attempted to jump a small fence, tossing aside a handgun as he did so — a loaded XDM model 9mm handgun.

One officer was able to take the suspect into custody as well as recover the weapon without incident. The other officer chased the second suspect, who lost his own weapon — a loaded .38 caliber revolver that fell from his pants. The officer then drew his taser and subdued the suspect, at which point he was able to make an arrest.

A search of their vehicle turned up 3/4 of a pound of heroin and approximately two pounds of methamphetamine. As if that weren’t enough, $14,126 in cash was also discovered in one of the suspects’ possession.

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