Watsonville Juveniles Arrested for Vandalism

Watsonville Juveniles Arrested for Vandalism

Near the 760 area of Lake Street, Watsonville | Google Maps

WATSONVILLE — Police have arrested both a 17-year-old and 14-year-old juvenile for vandalism after a caller alerted them to the crime.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, police responded to an apartment complex near the 600 block of Tuttle Avenue on reports of suspicious activity. The caller claimed to have seen a vehicle drive up and park in front of a garage, after which the occupants got out and donned stocking caps. They then ran across the street, jumped over a fence surrounding the vacant building at 760 Lake Street, and returned a few minutes later.

Unfortunately for them, it was just as police arrived.

The two were identified as juveniles and detained as their vehicle was searched. They were found to be in possession of black and white spray paint and latex gloves with paint residue on them. Officers noticed black paint on their hands as well.

A search of the vacant building revealed fresh graffiti tagging that read “SORT” and “MESR HOLA.” Both juveniles were arrested for vandalism and underage possession of aerosol paint.

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