Traffic Stop Leads to More Drugs at Home

Adan Nunez- Torres

WATSONVILLE—The Santa Cruz Anti-Crime team with assistance from agents with the Department of Homeland Security arrested 33-year-old Watsonville resident Adan Nunez-Torres after a traffic stop lead them to search his house for controlled substances.

The incident began last Wednesday at around 3:17 p.m. when the Gang Task Force of Santa Cruz County pulled over a car that was driven by Torres on Green Valley Road and Celia Drive. Initially, Torres was arrested for driving a vehicle without a license, but after a search of his vehicle, authorities found two and a half ounces of crystal methamphetamine in the car.  Torres was charged with transporting a controlled substance.

Believing that Torres was using his home to hide more drugs, police secured a search warrant for his residence.  Upon serving the warrant at Torres’ home on Alegre Drive in Watsonville, the SCCACT and the Department of Homeland Security found 1.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine.

Methamphetamines Seized by Agents

They also found evidence that Torres was distributing the methamphetamines as they found cutting agents, packaging materials and a digital scale.  They also found a loaded .45 caliber handgun and a reported stolen 9mm handgun.

Agents also seized $3,000 in US currency along with seized methamphetamine estimated at a street value of over $70,000.

“We do not know of Torres’ past criminal history at this time; however we are still investigating that matter,” Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime team Sergeant Eric Montalbo said. Torres was not on any type of probation when he was stopped by police.

Torres was transported to the Santa Cruz County jail and booked on charges of transporting and possessing a controlled substance for sale and possession of a controlled substance while being armed with a firearm.  The Department of Homeland Security has placed a hold on Torres’ immigration.

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