Ax-Wielding Suspect who Attacked Mother Identified by Police

Ax-Wielding Suspect who Attacked Mother Identified by Police

Daniel Rynazewski

SAN JOSE — On May 11th, San Jose Police reported a police-involved shooting that took place when a 300-pound man was seen chasing down a female victim while wielding an ax.

The San Jose Police Department reports that a call came into their 9-1-1 dispatchers reporting a disturbance in the area.  But as officers arrived a dramatic scene unfolded right before their eyes.

Then, on May 13th, the San Jose Police Department identified the assailant as 26-year-old Daniel Rynazewski.  It was reported that Rynazewkski was seen by officers and witnesses chasing down his mother with an ax.

During a press conference, Police Chief Eddie Garcia said, “By both officers and independent witness statements, there is little doubt in my mind that these officers prevented a homicide in this city.”

As 24-year veteran Glenn Baldwin and 3-year veteran William Hall approached, Rynazewski raised the ax in order to strike his mother, causing the officers to fire a shot to his arm in order to try and stop the blow.  But as the single shot rang out the ax fell and hit the back of the female victim.  Knocking her to the ground.   Just as she tried to regain herself from the blow,  Ryanzewski raised the ax a second time, this time striking her in the head.

That is when officers began to try and Taser the mentally disturbed suspect.  After taking several minutes and the efforts of three officers, they were finally able to take the 5’9”, 300-pound man into custody.

The suspect was transferred to a local hospital and treated for his injuries.  The female victim was also taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

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