2-Strike Prior Parole Faces Third Strike After ‘Strong Arm Robbery’ Assault

49-year-old Linnie Ray Glasper appeared before the Honorable Hector E. Ramon in Dept. 23 for an arraignment hearing that stemmed from a “strong arm robbery” that occurred on July 12.

"The Market" by Safeway on 2nd Street

This is not the first time that Glasper has had a run-in with the law. The charge of second degree robbery under PC 211-212.5 (c) marks a possible third-strike offense, resulting behavior from three prison priors, adding up to a possible 30-year sentence. Glasper had been convicted of 8 prior felonies under PC 242-243 (d), assault and battery, and PC 459-460 (a), first degree burglary. The court has assigned the Santa Clara Public Defender’s Office to represent Glasper on August 6 in Dept 35 at 1:30 for a plea.

According to police records Glasper committed a “strong arm robbery” when he took two liquor bottles from “The Market” Safeway located at 100 S. 2nd Street. The suspect was confronted by the Safeway Store Loss Prevention Officer, who asked him to return the items. Glasper reportedly swung the bag with two bottles, hitting the Loss Prevention Officer in the right forearm. She continued to follow the suspect while calling out for local law enforcement to help. He reacted to her pursuit by saying, “Stay away from me, you’re gonna get hurt. I’m gonna come after you.” Parking control officers who heard the victim request police notified responding units. The victim requested that charges be brought against the suspect for the attack.

Officers were able to detain the suspect, and ran his information finding Glasper was actively on parole for assault and battery. Their review of surveillance video clearly showed the suspect selecting two bottles of liquor inside a renewable Safeway bag.  He then continued to pass all checkout stands exiting the business.

Glasper was placed in the back of a patrol car to be transferred to the main jail for the offense. During his detainment while they questioned the victim, Glasper began kicking at the side window inside the patrol car.  The SJPD arresting officer then placed him in an upright position.  Glasper then told the officer that the cuffs were too tight. His cuffs were removed and readjusted. Glasper said that he had only become combative by trying to kick out the window because he was hot and was trying to get the officer’s attention.

Glasper was booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail without further incident.

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